When wood is heated in absence of air then charcoal is obtained. Its color is pure black.

Charcoal Suppliers

We are known as the top hardwood charcoal supplier among all others charcoal suppliers in Pakistan. We manufacture the best wood lump charcoal in our plants. Our hardwood lump charcoal plants are located in district Layyah in Pakistan. We manufacture tons of wood charcoal on daily basis.

Wood Charcoal Price

Our wood charcoal price is reasonable for our all reputable clients. We supply lump charcoal in 40kg bags packing. We supply charcoal briquettes all over Pakistan. Buyers who are interested to buy lump charcoal from our plants can visit our plants. After checking the quality of our wood charcoal they can buy our products. We have been supplying hardwood charcoal for years in Pakistan. We are the only charcoal supplier in Pakistan that can supply hardwood charcoal on daily basis all over Pakistan.

Charcoal Uses

Charcaol briquettes are used for barbecue.
It is used in water filtration.
Charcoal powder is used for teeth whitening.
It is used for oral health.
It is used in skincare products.
It is used in gas masks.
It is used in anti gastric tablets and capsules.

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