Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide is also known as quicklime or burnt lime all over the world. Its chemical formula is CaO. It is obtained from the burnt lime process. The limestone chemical composition is CaCO3. After the limestone burnt process, we get Calcium Oxide (CaO).

Calcium Oxide Suppliers

Calcium Oxide Suppliers

We are known as the top Calcium Oxide supplier among all Calcium Oxide suppliers (quicklime suppliers) all over Pakistan. Our quicklime plants are located in districts Jehlum and Sukkur. We are the top quicklime manufacturer (Calcium Oxide manufacturer) in Pakistan. We manufacture burnt lime from top quality limestone in our plants and supply it at affordable prices to our all clients. We supply A grade Calcium Oxide to our all clients.

Quicklime Suppliers

Calcium Oxide Uses

Quicklime is used in the medical industry.
Quicklime is used in cement factories.
Calcium Oxide is used in paint factories.
Calcium Oxide is used in paper industries.
Burnt Lime is used in fertilizer
Burnt lime is used in high-grade steel factories.
Quicklime is used for construction purposes.

Calcium Oxide
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