Afghanistan Coal

Afghanistan Coal Suppliers

Afghanistan coal is known as top quality coal all over the world. MIZ Builders is known as the top Afghanistan coal supplier among all Afghanistan coal suppliers in Pakistan. We import Afghan coal in Pakistan and supply it to well-known industries of Pakistan. Most coal reserves are located in Takhar and Badakhshan areas of Afghanistan. Afghanistan consumes almost 53,000 cubic feet of Coal per capita every year. Afghan coal is imported on daily basis in Pakistan.

Afghanistan Coal Price

There are lots of companies in Pakistan who are working in the supply of Afghanistan coal in Pakistan, but our rates are lowest from all other companies. We supply 6500+ GCV coal in Pakistan at affordable rates. The sulfur ratio is below 1%. We offer our best Afghanistan coal price to all well-known industries of Pakistan. We supply Afghan coal in Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, and other areas of Pakistan. We supply 0-50, 5-15, 10-25, and other sizes of Afghanistan coal in Pakistan.

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