Coal Suppliers in Pakistan


Coal is a hard rock. Its color is black and brownish black. It has mostly carbon but nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur also found in it. We are the best among all coal suppliers in Pakistan.


There are four types of coal:
1. Peat
2. Lignite
3. Bituminous
4. Anthracite

Imported Coal in Pakistan

MIZ Builders imports following products in Pakistan:
1. Indonesia Coal
2. Afghanistan Coal
3. South Africa Coal
We are known as best imported coal suppliers in all over Pakistan. We also export coal from Punjab, KPK and Balochistan region.


It is used in different industries. Some of industries are following:
1. Electricity Generation
2. Steel Production
3. Cement Manufacturing|
4. Bricks Manufacturing
5. Liquid Fuel
6. Power Generation

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