Coal Suppliers in Pakistan


Coal is a hard rock. Its color is black and brownish-black. It has mostly carbon but nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur are also found in it. We are the best among all coal suppliers in Pakistan.


There are four types of coal:
1. Peat
2. Lignite
3. Bituminous
4. Anthracite

Imported Coal in Pakistan

MIZ Builders imports the following products in Pakistan:
1. Indonesia Coal
2. Afghanistan Coal
3. South Africa Coal
4. Iran Coal
We are known as the best-imported coal suppliers all over Pakistan. We also supply coal from Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan region.


It is used in different industries. Some of the industries are following:
1. Electricity Generation
2. Steel Production
3. Cement Manufacturing|
4. Bricks Manufacturing
5. Liquid Fuel
6. Power Generation

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