Granite Suppliers in Lahore

Granite is a hard rock than marble. It consists of quartz, mica, and feldspar.

Granite Suppliers in Pakistan

Miz Builders supplies all kinds of granite in discounted wholesale rates. We are known as the best granite supplier in Lahore, Pakistan and all over world. We do not take any extra delivery charges for granite supply. Our granite rate is lower from other granite suppliers in Lahore, Pakistan. Our tropical and black granite price is lowest from others, that’s why all marble factories of Lahore recommend us to buy granite marble. We supply the best quality granite to our all customers. We also supply large quantity of tropical and black granite to all marble factories in Lahore at wholesale rates. That’s why all marble factories in Lahore recommend MIZ Builders for all kinds of granite supply.

Granite Colors

We supply the following colors of granite in Pakistan and all over the world:

  1. Black Granite
  2. Black Galaxy Granite
  3. Emerald Pearl Granite
  4. Tropical Grey Granite
  5. Lavender Grey Granite
  6. Imperial Grey Granite
  7. Juprana Granite
  8. Juprana White Granite
  9. Juprana Gold Granite
  10. Royal Blue Granite
  11. Blue Pearl Granite
  12. Silver Pearl Granite
  13. Brown Pearl Granite
  14. Brazil Beige Granite
  15. Indus Gold Granite
  16. Cobra Granite
  17. Salt N Pepper Granite
  18. Camel Brown Granite
  19. Baltic Brown Granite
  20. Cherry Pink Granite
  21. Sado Pink Granite
  22. Cherry Brown Granite
  23. Green Granite
  24. Kashmir White Granite
  25. Tropical Granite

Granite Exporter

We are known as top granite exporter in Pakistan. We supply large quantity of export quality granite in all over world. We are biggest manufacturers of all kinds of granite in Pakistan. We supply and export following granite:

Black Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

Emerald Pearl Granite

Tropical Grey Granite

Lavender Grey Granite

Imperial Grey Granite

Juprana Granite

Juprana White Granite

Juprana Gold Granite

Royal Blue Granite

Blue Pearl Granite

Silver Pearl Granite

Brown Pearl Granite

Brazil Beige Granite

Indus Gold Granite

Cobra Granite

Salt N Pepper Granite

Camel Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite

Cherry Pink Granite

Cherry Brown Granite

Granite Uses

There are many uses of granite. Some of important uses are following:

1. It is used as a building stone.
2. It is used in bridges and pavings.
3. It is used in many exterior projects.
4. Polished granite slabs used as a floor tiles.
5. Polished slabs also used on kitchen counters and stairs.

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