Limestone Suppliers in Pakistan


Limestone is known as a hard sedimentary rock. It is composition of calcium carbonate or dolomite. Its chemical formula is CaCO3 . It is available in white, yellow, beige and cream color.

Limestone Supplier

Limestone is almost found in all provinces of Pakistan. We collect best quality limestone from all over Pakistan and supply to our customers. We are known as best limestone supplier in Pakistan among our all customers.

Limestone Exporter

Pakistan is a large market of limestone export. We are one of best limestone exporter in Pakistan. We export limestone from Pakistan to Asia, Middle East, Europe and other countries. We do not face any problem to provide large quantity of limestone to our all clients.

Limestone Uses

It is used as a building material.
It is used as an essential component of OPC cement.
It is used in road construction.
It is used as a filler in paint.
It is used as a white pigment in tooth paste.
It is used as an essential part for smelting iron ore.

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