Muscovite Mica Suppliers


Muscovite is the most important member of Mica family. It is mostly transparent and colorless. It is available in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Its chemical composition is
KAl2(Si3AlO10)(OH)2 .

Muscovite Mica

We supply Muscovite Mica sheets and scrap. We also export this product all over the world. Due to our legal mines set up, we supply large quantity of Muscovite Mica in all over the world. That’s why we are known as the best among all Muscovite Mica suppliers in Pakistan.

Muscovite Mica Uses

Here are some important uses of Muscovite Mica:

Due to its transparent layers, it is used as glass.
It is used in furnace doors.
It is used in insulating materials.
It is used in fireproofing materials.
It is used as a pigment extender in paint.
It is used in plastic parts of the auto industry.
It is used in the manufacturing of molded rubber products.

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