Iron Ore Suppliers in Pakistan

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is rich in iron oxides. These are rocks and minerals from which iron is extracted. It is found in bright yellow, dark grey,deep purple and rusty red color.

Iron Ore Types

There are 4 main types of iron ore:


Iron Ore Exporter

We are the largest exporter of hematite and magnetite in Pakistan. We supply hematite and magnetite of all percentages in bulk quantity. We have our deposit iron ore mines in different regions of Pakistan. We are the only iron ore supplier in Pakistan who can export bulk quantity of iron ore in all over world. We are known as best iron ore supplier among all iron ore suppliers in Pakistan.

Iron Ore Uses

Iron ore used for following purposes:

It is used in production of iron.
It is used to make steel.
It is used to make automobiles.
It is used to make paper clips.
It is used in bicycles.
It is used in reinforcing rods.
It is used in locomotives.
It is used in ships.
It is used in furniture.
It is used in thousand of other products.

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