Iran Bitumen

Bitumen produces during the refinement of crude oil. It is black in color. Bitumen has waterproof and adhesive properties. Iran Bitumen is known as one of the best bitumen all over the world. Bitumen is also known as asphalt in many countries. Iran bitumen is used for roads, waterproofing, and other applications.

Iran Bitumen Price

Iran bitumen imports in Pakistan. It is used in different applications in Pakistan. Its quality is better than normal asphalt. It is available in drum packaging. We offer the lowest Iran bitumen price to our reputable clients. We always sell original Iranian bitumen at the lowest price. We supply in minimum and maximum quantities. Iran bitumen two grades are available in Pakistan. Iran bitumen 60/70 grade and Iranian bitumen 80/100 grade. We supply both Iran bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 grades. We are also known as the top importer of Iran bitumen in Pakistan. Because of the best quality bitumen, we are known as the top Iran bitumen supplier in Pakistan.