Calcium Carbonate Suppliers in Pakistan

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a supplement which is used when a diet does not fulfill the requirements of calcium in body. Its chemical formula is CaCO3 . It is available mostly in white color.

Calcium Carbonate Supplier

We are known as top Calcium Carbonate supplier in Pakistan and all over world. There are large quantity of Calcium Carbonate available in our stock. We try our best to fulfill our clients’ requirement of Calcium Carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate Exporter

Lots of companies produce Calcium Carbonate in Pakistan but We are known as top Calcium Carbonate Exporter because of our best quality Calcium Carbonate. Our product quality is best from others and our rates are lowest from others. We export bulk quantity of Calcium Carbonate powder in all over world. If you are looking for Calcium Carbonate exporter in Pakistan then we are the best choice for you in Pakistan.

Calcium Carbonate Uses

It is used to improve calcium quantity in body.
It is used to reliever heartburn.
It is used in upset stomach.
It is used in acid indigestion.
It is used for healthy bones and muscles.
It is used for healthy nervous system and heart.
We should not use more than 7500 mg Calcium Carbonate in a day.

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