Water Boring Services in Lahore

Water Bore

Water Bore is a type of bore in which a bore through rig machine or manpower in a surface to obtain underground water delivery. Submersible Pumps are used in water bore for water delivery. There are 2 types of water boring:

Rig Machine Water Boring
Manual Water Boring

Rig Machine Water Boring System

Rig machine water bore is a new technology of water bore. We provide rig machine water boring services in Lahore. Rig Machine is fastest type of boring in which days work complete in hours. It is expensive from manual water boring.

Manual Water Boring System

Manual water bore is an old way of water bore system. In this bore manpower use instead of rig machine. We provide also manual water bore services in Lahore. Because there are many projects there is no space for rig machine water boring. That’s why manual water boring system used on such places.

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