Calcium Fluoride Suppliers

Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Fluoride contains calcium and fluorine. Its formula is CAF2. It is found in carbonate rocks.

Calcium Fluoride Suppliers in Pakistan

MIZ Builders has its own mines in Pakistan to provide calcium fluoride. That’s why it is known as the best company for the supply of calcium fluoride among all calcium fluoride suppliers. We have 70+-90+ calcium fluoride. We have all kinds of calcium fluoride to fulfill the requirements of our foreign clients.


It is used in manufacturing optical components.
It is used in the manufacturing of windows and lenses.
It is used in thermal imaging systems.
It is used in spectroscopy and telescopes.
It is also used in thermoluminescent dosimeters.
It is mostly used in the fiberglass industry.
It is used in welding rods.
It is used in ceramic industries.

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