Silica Sand Suppliers in Pakistan

Silica Sand

Silica sand is composition of SiO2. Silica sand is a kind of quartz which is broken down into tiny granules through the work of wind and water. It is also known as industrial sand.

Silica Sand Supplier and Exporter

MIZ Builders is known as top silica sand supplier and exporter in Lahore and all over Pakistan. We have been supplying best quality silica sand to glass, chemical and tile industries in Pakistan and all over world for years. We supply brown silica sand and white silica sand. We supply washed and un-washed silica sand. It is available in different mesh sizes. We also export bulk quantity of this product all over the world.

Silica Sand Uses

Some important uses of silica sand are following

It is used for water purification.
It is used in manufacturing of tile bond.
It is used in manufacturing of glass.
It is used in pottery glaze.
It is used in enamel.
It is used as sand blasting.
It is used in concrete and mortar mixing.
It is used in landscaping.
It is used in pool installation.
It is used as a spread on top of slick road.
It is also known as safe sand for different plants.

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