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Fly Ash Brick

Fly Ash Brick is a type of construction material. It is manufactured through Class C or Class F Fly Ash, Sand, Limestone Powder, Gypsum and water. It is manufactured in machine that’s why its shape is also fine as compare to clay bricks. Its size is 9 inch length, 4.5 inch width and 3 inch height.

fly ash bricks suppliers in Lahore

Fly Ash Bricks Supplier

There are many fly ash bricks suppliers in Lahore that supply fly ash bricks in Lahore. We supply top quality fly ash bricks in Lahore. Bricks manufacturing plants are working in Lahore at different places. We collect fly ash bricks from all manufacturing plants to fulfill requirement of our all clients. Clients from other cities of Punjab also buy fly ash bricks from us. We supply fly ash bricks in all major cities of Pakistan. Because of our huge supply we are known as top fly ash bricks supplier among all other fly ash bricks suppliers in Lahore and all over Pakistan.

fly ash bricks

Fly Ash Bricks Benefits

It has better properties from normal clay bricks.
Its compressive strength is better from normal clay bricks.
It has compressive strength – 75 to 100 kg/cm².
It reduces the cost of plastar.
It is a low cost product as compare to other clay bricks.
It is used in both home construction and commercial construction.

fly ash bricks supplier
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