Pumice Stone Suppliers in Pakistan

Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is mostly found in different areas of Baluchistan in Pakistan. We are known as the top Pumice stone suppliers in Pakistan. It is a lightweight stone and contains 67–75% SiO2 and 10–20% Al2O3, with a glassy texture. There is also some ratio of calcium, sodium, and potassium in this stone.

Pumice Stone Exporters in Pakistan

There are many pumice stone exporters in Pakistan but we are known as the top pumice stone exporter due to our best quality and lowest rates. Our company fulfills our all clients requirements. We can supply any maximum quantity of this stone to our local and export clients. Our mostly buyers are related from textile and construction industries. We supply 2-5 cm size stone to textile industries and mix size stone to construction industries.

Pumice Stone Uses

There are lots of uses and benefits of Pumice stone. Some important uses are following:

It is used in textile industries for stone-washed denim.
It is used in liquid soaps.
It is used as lightweight concrete in construction industries.
It is used in skin exfoliating products.
It is used in the manufacturing of tire rubber.
It is used in the manufacturing of pencil erasers.
It is used in road construction.
It is used in cement industries.
It is used in plants growth.