Frac Sand

Frac Sand Suppliers in Pakistan

Frac sand is a form of crystalline Silica Quartz. It is obtained from high-purity sandstone. It is different from other sand because grains of Silica Quartz is found in Frac sand.

Frac Sand Suppliers

We are known as the top frac sand suppliers all over Pakistan. We have processing plants of frac sand in different areas of Pakistan. We can provide the bulk quantity of frac sand to our all buyers. If you are looking for the lowest frac sand price in Pakistan in export quality, then we are the best choice for you. We can offer you the best Frac sand price in export quality. We deal in export of Frac sand in Pakistan. Its demand is growing day by day in Pakistan and all over the world.


It is used in hydraulic fracturing.
It plays an important role in the processing of fracturing.
It is used in drilling.
It is used to make good proppant.
It is in round shape and its grain size perfectly matches its job requirements.

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